The 100 year old ALAGA tradition

Alaga SyrupWhen you discover "The Sweetness Of The South" with Alaga Products, you will understand the reason Whitfield Foods is 100 years old.

From cooking with Alaga products to using them as a topper for your pancakes, biscuits and more, Alaga continues to be a Home Favorite.

We constantly hear from families across the nation, wonderful comments about our truly World Famous 100 year old Alaga Cane Syrup recipe.

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Over 100 Years "Sweetness of the South"

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Manufacturing, Packaging, Warehousing, and Distribution

Alaga SyrupFor over a century, Whitfield Foods has fine-tuned its craft in the manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, and distribution of food products.

Privately owned, Whitfield Foods has earned the reputation for quality and dependability that results in the freshest quality of products for maximum retail shelf life and consumer satisfaction.

Whitfield Foods has provided copack services for some of food industries biggest names; i.e. Tropicana, Quaker Oats, Ocean Spray, Arizona Tea and more.

Whitfield Awarded Contract Manufacturer of the Year by PepsiCo

106-year-old city company wins PepsiCo award

Whitfield Foods CEO Les MasseyWhitfield Foods CEO Les Massey believes in his company and employees.

So does PepsiCo, which recently named the Montgomery company its Contract Manufacturer of the Year.

Yes, Whitfield Foods makes more than Alaga Syrup — a lot more. The company also produces products like Gatorade, Tropicana and Lipton tea for distributors such as PepsiCo. Alaga accounts for only about 25 percent of the company’s products these days.

In fact, one of the syrup production lines also is used to make Limeaid for Taco Bell.

“We love Alaga Syrup,” Massey said. “That’s our heritage, and we have no plans of getting rid of it. But we’re in business because of contract manufacturing, at this point. There’s no doubt about that.”

And they’re doing it well. The award from PepsiCo is the result of an analysis that showed Whitfield Foods topping a list of 64 manufacturers nationwide in productivity, quality and customer service.

Massey thinks he knows why the 106-year-old company has been so successful at delivering the goods...



ALAGA Syrup - In the News

Adam Richman talks about his new season of Man v. Food. Alaga Syrup was number four on this guys list of favorite ball park foods.

ALAGA on Man vs Food ALAGA on Man vs Food



ALAGA ...a delicious tradition since 1906

ALAGA ...a delicious tradition since 1906

From cooking with Alaga products to using them as a topper for your pancakes, biscuits and more, Alaga continues to be a Home Favorite.